We believe in empowering sales and marketing people with the best technology

Intentify: We are technology experts with a passion for business
Intentify changes the business paradigme

WE are like YOU

We are sales, marketing, and technology experts with one common goal: creating the ultimate technology for business growth!

Founded in 2018 and head-quartered out of vibrant Tel Aviv, Intentify is a Smart-Data startup that enjoys the combination of the rich technology talent pool that Israel has to offer, and the unique culture Israeli startup professionals have developed.

We encourage anyone with a passion for business and technology to come and join our growing team.

We Believe

We all believe that a paradigm shift is needed!

The development of separate tools for marketing and sales is driving the two functions apart, while they serve the same goal and should complete each other.

With intentify's Platform Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Lead Gen. and Customer Success can finally work together again, fully aligned towards the same aim - business growth.

Our Logo - The Honeyguide

The honeyguide is a bird species, also known as honey birds. Honeyguides are named for a remarkable habit seen in one or two species: guiding humans to honey colonies.

In the same way, INTENTIFY's platform will guide you to your opportunities, trustworthy, autonomous, and elegantly.


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